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(Configure) Android (Mobile)

Configuring Android (Mobile)

  • From the Home screen, press the Menu button.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Accounts & Sync.
  • Select the Add account button.
  • Select Exchange ActiveSync (your device might instead say Corporate, ActiveSync, Microsoft Exchange, or Exchange) android unified email set up add account page
  • Set up the account:
    1. Enter your primary Exchange email address (first.last@oregonstate.edu)
    2. Enter your Exchange password
    3. Select Next Android unified email setup 1
  • You may see a screen that prompts you to enter information on domains. If you do not see it, skip to step about desired sync settings. If you do see it, proceed to the next step.
    1. Enter your username as username@oregonstate.edu.
    2. Enter a mail server of exmail.oregonstate.edu.
    3. Select Secure or SSL for security options.
    4. Select Next. Android unified email setup server information
  • You may see a screen that asks you to select your desired sync settings and push options. After you select them, select Next.
  • You may see a screen that asks you to name the account (e.g. you could type "OSU Email").
  • Select Finish setup or Done.
  • If you receive a "Remote Security Administration" warning, or a warning that "Your Exchange server requires that you enable security to continue synchronizing," select OK to accept. You may also need to select Activate on the "Activate Device Administrator" screen.
  • Android - Delete Existing Account

    If your existing android account does not allow you to edit your username, you will need to delete and re add your account with the correct credentials. To delete the account, follow the directions below:

    1. Open the main menu and select Settings
    2. Find the account you wish to delete under Accounts and select it
    3. Select the account Settings Deleting an android account settings
    4. Choose Delete Account in the upper right hand corner Deleting and android account 2
    5. Select the account you wish to delete on the left
    6. Select Delete in the upper right hand corner Deleting an android account 3
    7. Confirm that you wish to delete this account

    Your account has now been deleted from your device. Use the instructions above to re add your account with the correct credentials.

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