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(Configure) Thunderbird (Mac)

Configuring Thunderbird (Mac)

  1. Open Thunderbird
  2. Select Options  from the drop down menu on the top right, then  Account Settings
  3. Select  Account Actions  in the bottom left of the window, then  Add Mail Account
  4. Enter your name as you'd like it displayed to others
  5. Enter your ONID email address and ONID password
  6. Click  Continue
  7. Thunderbird will automattically scan for ONID account settings, and will most likely print a " failed to find the settings for your email account " message. This is normal.
  8. For the  Incoming  settings:
    • Select  IMAP  from the dropdown menu to the left of " Incoming: "
    • Enter  imap.gmail.com  as the  Server Hostname
    • Set the  Port  to 993
    • Select  SSL/TLS  from the  SSL  drop-down menu
    • Select  Autodetect  from the  Authentication  drop-down menu
  9. For the  Outgoing  settings:
    • Enter  smtp.gmail.com  as the  Server Hostname  (It will look like a drop-down menu, however you can still type in it)
    • Set the  Port  to  587  or  465
    • Select  STARTTLS  from the  SSL  drop-down menu
    • Select  Normal Password  from the  Authentication  drop-down menu
  10. Make sure the  Username  box his your full email (For example, beaverb@oregonstate.edu
  11. Click the  Done  button in the lower-right

Thunderbird is now configured to check your mail, and should start downloading messages from your ONID account.

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