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Tips for after your Exchange email migration

OSU Access Wireless portal has returned

The login page for the OSU Access wireless network has returned. Information about that can be found here.

OSU Access is an unsecured/unencrypted wireless network. OSU IT staff recommend you use the Eduroam or OSU Secure wireless networks.

If your phone is configured correctly to receive email from Exchange and you are experiencing problems with connecting to your Exchange mail using either Outlook or your mobile device please review the information below.


Basic troubleshooting for all phones

Airplane Mode

  • Turn Airplane mode On
  • Wait a few minutes
  • Turn airplane mode off

Power Cycle

  • Power your device off
  • Wait a few minutes
  • Power your device on

If your device is still unable to connect, please use the web version of Outlook at https://exmail.oregonstate.edu until we can help you resolve the issue. Use the DCA? List to find what department you need to contact (http://oregonstate.edu/net/dca/dept.php).


You will have to close out of Outlook completely, and then re-open it. If it does not sync, then you may want to complete restart your computer.


  • Close all open web browsers and applications on your computer
  • Open the Windows command prompt by selecting the “Start” menu and entering “cmd” in the search text field box.
  • Enter the command: ipconfig /flushdns


  • Exit Mozilla Firefox if it is installed and open on your computer
  • Open the terminal application on your computer.
  • If your computer is running Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, or 10.7 (Leopard, Snow Leopard or Lion) enter the following command followed by pressing the “return” key: dscacheutil –flushcache
  • If your computer is running Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) enter the following command followed by pressing the “return” key: lookupd –flushcache

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