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Current employees are anyone who is currently working at Oregon State University in a full time position. Some part time workers, student workers, or affiliates may get some of these same tools depending on what department they are in. It is recommended to talk to either your departments support team or your supervisor if you have any questions for what tools you specifically have available to you.

What accounts do I have access to?

  • Banner Self-Service - Most of the tools you need will be located in MyOSU. This account is more for people who are no longer at Oregon State University.
  • ONID Account - This account is where all of your permissions are. Nine times out of ten, when something asks for a username and password, it is this account.

What mailboxes do I have access to?

  • ONID Mailbox - As an employee, we recommend forwarding this mailbox to your Exchange? mailbox. Main reason is because it is not generally used by employees since it is not a first.last@oregonstate.edu email address.
  • Exchange Mailbox - This is the main email mailbox you will use while working at Oregon Stte University. This account is managed by your support team.

What are a couple useful things to know?

  • How to Find Your Support Team - Support teams are based on what department you are in.
  • The difference between an Exchange mailbox and ONID account - The main thing is that your Exchange mailbox is not an account. What that means is your email account cannot be logged into for extra permissions, unlike your ONID account.

What are the main resources I have available?

  • Your ONID Account - Again, this is your primary account here at Oregon State University.
  • Your Gmail Mailbox - Not used very often, but it does exist. Currently all new accounts are set up with Gmail inboxes by default.
  • Your Exchange Mailbox - Your Primary email address, usually in the format first.last@oregonstate.edu.
  • MyOSU - Main site at Oregon State that has most of your daily tools, as well as links to tax forms, payroll information, etc.
  • Most Software Through Oregon State - Almost all of our software can be requested through our software coordinator. This is the site where requests must go through
  • Service Desk Technical Support - The Service Desk can help you with all of your small or large technical issues on your personal devices. We also have a walk up desk to bring those devices to.
  • Department Specific Helpdesk - Your departments Helpdesk is who you will want to get into contact if your computer has any technical issues, or if you have any technical questions.

Need help?

Contact the Service Desk at 541-737-8787

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