(UM) First Use

Using Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging? for the First Time

Once unified messaging has been activated for your account, you will receive an email with a phone number and PIN. (Note: voicemail-only users will receive a default PIN from their telephone coordinator instead.)



Quick Guide for First-Time Use

  1. Call the access number at 7-7111 (541-737-7111).
  2. Enter your extension.
  3. Enter your new PIN and press [#].
  4. Reset your PIN if prompted. (Converged voicemail users will not need to change their PIN.)
  5. At the main menu say "Personal Options" or press [0] [0] [6].
  6. For greetings, press [2].
  7. To set your personal greeting, press [1] and follow the system prompts.
  8. To set your name, press [3] and follow the system prompts.
  9. Hang up when finished, or press [*] to return to the main menu.


Navigating your Voicemail Using Voice or Touchtone Commands

There are two methods available for navigating within Unified Messaging. The voice (or speech) interface is the default user interface. You may change to touchtone at any time and vice versa while in your mailbox.

  1. Switch from the voice interface to the touch-tone interface by using one of the following methods:
    • Option 1: from the main menu, say “Personal Options” and press [4]. This will permanently set your menus to touch-tone.
    • Option 2: from the main menu, press [0] then [0]. This will set your menus to touch-tone for this call only.
  2. Switch from the touchtone interface to the voice interface:
    • From the main menu, press [6] then [4].


Set a New PIN

  1. Call your Outlook Access Number
  2. Enter your PIN when prompted
  3. To change your PIN, press [6] then [3] from the main menu and follow the recorded instructions
    • PINs can only be numeric and must be at least 5 digits long
    • Voice prompts will lead you through changing your PIN and setting up your voice signature and your initial greeting.


Record Your Name

  1. From the main menu, press [6] then [2]
  2. Press [3], wait for the tone, then say only your first and last name, and press [#] to stop recording
  3. Press [1] to accept the recording or [2] to record your name again
  4. After you accept the recording, press [#] to continue


Create your Personal Greeting

  1. From the main menu press [6] then [2]
  2. Press [1] for Personal Greeting.
    • Press [1] to use a Standard Greeting
    • Press [2] then [1] to customize your Personal Greeting