How do you access Qualtrics for Oregon State University?

Go to the Oregon State Univeristy Qualtrics page at http://oregonstate.edu/main/online-services/qualtrics

Need Qualtrics Support?

Support for Qualtrics is through the Qualtrics company. Please follow this link to contact a Qualtrics representative on the right hand side under the "Get Help" section. http://oregonstate.edu/main/online-services/qualtrics

Having trouble logging in with your ONID account?

Contact the Service Desk at 541-737-8787 or submit a request through the help form. http://is.oregonstate.edu/webform/contact-is-service-desk 

Need Qualtrics Help?

Qualtrics Research Suite Main Qualtrics page
5 Steps to Learn Qualtrics After watching the training videos, you can practice what you just learned in the video, it gives you links to step by step instructions on what to do and articles in case you get stuck.
Tips on Building Surveys Gives you links to a guide on building your own online survey, benefits of multiple choice questions, and help with question flow.
Employee Surveys Employee Survey links on how to’s and guides to creating different surveys.
Data Analysis Guides Data Analysis Guides, resources to analyze the data you receive from the survey.
How to activate a survey and other tasks. Distribution methods, adding panel members, emailing, and other options.
Guide on how to view Reports Reports, survey stats, adding table/graph/note, filter options, report options, sharing reports, responses, retake survey links, downloading reports, cross tabulation, reporting beta.

Creating a CAS authenticated Survey

Retiree Email Service

What It Is

This is a new email service that allows certain retired faculty access to an ONID email after they retire.

What It's Not

This is not an extension for one's existing ONID or Exchange emails. This is a separate inbox that will follow the format of username@retiree.oregonstate.edu.

Who is Eligible

Employees who officially retire after 25 years will be eligible for this service. Already retired faculty meeting this criteria will also be added to this service.

Signing Up

In order to create this account, it will follow the same process as creating an ONID account.

  1. Go to http://onid.oregonstate.edu/ and click "Sign up for ONID".
  2. Fill in your ID number, birth day, and first and last names.
  3. Read through the acceptable use policy.
  4. Set a password for your new account.
  5. You're new account should be set up now! Below are the steps for signing in.

Help with Finding Your OSU ID Number

If you need help finding your ID number, please get in touch with Human Resources.

Signing In

  1. Go to https://outlook.office365.com/.
  2. Sign in with your retiree email. This should be in the format of username@retiree.oregonstate.edu.
  3. This will redirect you to a Microsoft Federation log in page. You can use either onid\user or user@oregonstate.edu for the username, and enter your password.
  4. This should take you to your inbox.

Configuring for Outlook on Desktop

  1. In Outlook, click File->Add Account
  2. On the popup window, select "manual setup".
  3. Select "POP or IMAP email account".
  4. Enter your name and email address in the first boxes.
  5. Select IMAP under account type.
  6. The incomming mail server is outlook.office365.com
  7. The outgoing mail server is smtp.office365.com
  8. Enter your username@oregonstate.edu for the username and your password.
  9. It should look like this when you're done:
  10. Click on "More Settings..."
  11. Under the Outgoing Server tab, check the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  12. Under Advanced, change the IMAP encryption to SSL.
  13. Change outgoing encryption to TLS and set the port number to 587.
  14. Click ok a few times and this should add your account to Outlook!

Configuring on Mobile Devices

In order to add this account on your mobile device...

  1. Naviagte to the accounts section on your device
  2. You will want to add an Outlook account.
  3. The email should be in the format of user@retiree.oregonstate.edu
  4. This should take you to a Microsoft Federation login. You will need to change the username format to onid\username or username@oregonstate.edu (without the retiree in the email).
  5. That should have added your account to your phone!

Below is some quick info about the server settings for the retiree email.

Setting IMAP (Incomming) SMTP (Outgoing)
Server Name outlook.office365.com smtp.office365.com
Encryption Method SSL TLS