Configuring Exchange on Thunderbird


These instructions were tested in Thunderbird version 24.1.1 and may differ for other versions. Additionally, the full version of Outlook and/or Outlook Web Access are recommended over Thunderbird for users who prefer to have built-in functionality for calendaring, folder management, and access to the global address book.

Follow the instructions below to set up Thunderbird to receive your OSU Exchange email.

    1. Open Thunderbird
    2. Go to Options and click on Account Settings
    3. Under Account Actions on the bottom-left, select 'Add Mail Account'
    4. Fill in the Name field (This part is just a matter of personal preference)
    5. Enter in your into the Email field and type in your password below.
    6. Click on the 'Continue' Button on the bottom-right and Thunderbird will attempt to automatically detect your server settings. This process usually fails so you may need to enter the following information manually:
      • Incoming settings:
        • Select IMAP from the dropdown menu
        • Type in the server hostname box
        • Select 993 from the Port dropdown menu
        • Select SSL/TLS from the SSL dropdown menu
        • Select Normal Password from the Authentication dropdown menu
      • Outgoing settings:
        • Type in the server hostname box
        • Select 587 from the Port dropdown menu
        • Select STARTTLS from the SSL dropdown menu
        • Select Normal Password from the Authentication dropdown menu
      • Username field:
        • Enter your domain, followed by a backslash ("\"), followed by your user name
    7. Once finished, all of the settings should look like this:Mail Account Setup
    8. Now click the Advanced Config button. This will open up the Thunderbird settings window shown below:Thunderbird Main Settings
    9. Select the Outgoing Server option from the left-hand menu
    10. Make sure the outgoing server you just created (will be called is set to default and selected
    11. Click the Edit button
    12. Remove everything in the User Name field and put in your ONID user name instead:Domain Removal
    13. Click OK when you are finished, then OK again to close the main settings window
      • Note: When you attempt to send your first email message, Thunderbird will prompt you for your ONID password. Enter that in and you should be good to go.

It may take a while for Thunderbird to download your mail if you have a large mailbox or slower network connection. If your mail doesn't appear at first, give it some time to catch up. After a few minutes your mailbox should load.