International Student

What should I see?

International Student Page

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Who is qualified to view this content?

All International and INTO students should see this page.

What information is available?

Everything an international student needs from how to get started at OSU, to general documentation on immigration and Visa access, and all student resources.

What portlets are available?

First Steps: Step-by-step assistance for getting started with Oregon State University.

Academic Profile: Here you will see up to date curriculum information and progress.

International Calendar: A feed of all upcoming dates that international students should be aware of.

Immigration & Visa Status: The source of everything one would need to know about United States' immigration policies as they apply to International students.

Student Support: Student assistance with University policies, online help, and many other services International students may need can be found here.

Need Help: Useful list of services on campus aimed to assist students.

My Account: Display of account balances for term-related charges and nonterm-related charges.

Financial Information: Financial resources, including banking information and scholarships aimed specifically at International students, can be found here.

Cultural & Social Resources: View organizations that help build an international community right on Campus!

Community Resources: Quick access to local services, tools, and laws. A good place to find banking help, tax information, and many other resources.