What should I see?

Faculty Advisor

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Advisors: If you'd like to see what your students can see in MyOSU, visit the Student Page.

Who is qualified to view this content?

Employees with a role of Faculty or Advisor in the Banner system.

What information is available?

Whether you're assisting a student with their schedule or trying to find the academic regulations policy, this page contains anything a faculty or advisor should need to provide quick, efficient help.

What portlets are available?

Faculty Dashboard: A quick, easy tool for viewing active classes, e-mailing class members, and includes navigational links useful for working with students.

Learn@OregonState: A list of quick links to Blackboard and Canvas, along with a guide on how to use Canvas.

Faculty Grade Assignment: Here you have access to an easy to view tool for seeing the grade status of classes, and to access grade pages in Faculty and Advisor Self-Service.

Faculty Tool Kit: A useful list of documentation on different web services that faculty often reference.

Important Dates: Calendar of important scheduling and academic dates.

Quick Links: A useful bank of links with explanations and information about the Graduate School, Policies, Procedures, Research, and many other areas.

Advisor Tool Kit: Access to ATLAS and My Degrees, amongst other useful services.

Student Academic Services: Helpful links aimed towards students that Faculty and Advisors would want to share in meetings.

Advisor Dashboard: A useful search tool for querying the advisee or student's information from Banner, for accurate, timely progress in their selected program with Oregon State University.

Student Registration Tools

Due to a large number of requests, we've outlined the 'Registration Tools' area of the Student page within myOSU to help advisors guide students through getting set up.

This is the page students see (the registration tools section is highlighted):


Registration Tools Student

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Please read below for specific information.

Registration Tools

Registration: Getting Started

-General Registrar new Student information page


View Priority Registration Status

-Online Services Check your Registration Status page


Look Up Classes

-Online Services Select Term page; Leads through to Look-up Classes to Add page


Add/Drop Classes

-Online Services page for Adding/Dropping courses


Bacalaureate Core Courses

-General Catalog page, listing Baccalaureate Core Courses


Change of Grading Basis

-Registrars rules/regulations on changing a courses grading basis


Course Catalog

-General Course Catalog page


Schedule of Classes: Corvallis/Bend/Distance

-Schedule of Classes Searcher


Web Tutorials

-Available tutorials from the Registrar for using many common online tools