Financial/Budget User

What should I see?

Finanical Budget User

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Who is qualified to view this content?

Employees with a Finance role defined in Banner will be able to view this content.

What information is available?

Quick links to many on-campus departments, such as the Budget Office, Bussiness Affairs, Work order forms, Reporting access, and many other internal tools frequently used by Financial workers. Alerts and a 'Financial Advisor' are also available.

What portlets are available?

Financial Advisor: A quick, convient graph of programs' budget to spending ratio, capable of tracking up to 5 organizations. This information can be changed via the portlet settings menu.

Financial Alert Grants: Navigational links, as well as a notice of upcoming deadlines for Principal Investigators

Quick Links: - This portlet contains links to forms and OSU pages that contain useful or pertinent information for Budgeting staff.