Visitor Wireless

The Visitor network is free and it is intended solely for visitors from off campus. OSU employees and students are still encouraged to use the OSU_Secure wireless network.

Aside from using the University’s existing wireless infrastructure, no OSU staff or resources are involved; routing and management is provided by Peak.

  • A login/agreement appears every two (2) hours.
  • Capacity of this network is limited.
  • OSU does not provide support for this free service.
  • OSU does not guarantee that this free service will work for everyone; nor does Peak.  
  • This is NOT intended as a replacement for OSU_Access or OSU_Secure. It’s strictly a free service provided as a temporary convenience for visitors to OSU.
  • This network will not be appropriate for anyone authorized to use our existing OSU networks.

How to Sign In

Once you have connected to Visitor, opening up a webpage and trying to go to any webpage should redirect you to the visitor sign in page. After hitting the accept option, you should have internet access on Visitor for four hours. After the four hours, repeating this process gets you another four hours on the network.