How do I get StatGraphics?

  • Download Statgraphics from the OSU's secure website. Be sure to follow all the directions on the website and to include the organization when installing Statgraphics.
  • Come to the OSU Computer Help Desk in the Valley library and pick up an OSUWare CD. An OSU ID? card is required.


While installing StatGraphics off of the OSUWare CD, I get a Setup Initialization Error, what am I doing wrong?

If the error you are getting is:

Setup is unable to find _SETUP.DLL, which is needed to complete the installation.
Error 103

When you click on the "Install Statgraphics" link, a window pops up asking whether you want to save the file to your computer or not. Do NOT save this file to your computer. Instead, open it from its current location. There are multiple files needed to install StatGraphics so when you save setup.exe to your computer and try to run it, setup.exe doesn't know where the rest of the files are. This leads to the error.

If you open setup.exe from the CD without saving it to your computer, you should be able to install the program without any problems.