Telephone User Interface Options

Telephone User Interface Options

The Telephone User Interface Options provides the ability to administer:

  • Assistant Rules for the following features
    • Find Me โ€“ To have unanswered calls redirected to a list of telephone numbers before leaving a voice mail
    • Call Me - To have the system call you to inform you of the receipt of messages and provide the ability to login and retrieve the messages upon answering the call
    • Notify Me โ€“ To have a text message sent to a PDA/Cell Phone or Pager when a message is received or to receive an email notification when a caller requests it
    • Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) โ€“ To administer the Message Types and associated Importance conditions under which your MWI activates
      • (a) The default setting provides MWI for voice mail and Faxes
      • (b) Please pay careful attention to MWI changes
  • Telephone Access
  • Fax Access
  • Security (Telephone User Interface Password)
  • Personal Distribution Lists
  • Time Zone
  • Message Ordering


When administering Rules, select the Rule and then click on an underlined value to edit the rule

  • The rule does not take effect until the check-box is selected.
  • The Phone Lists button is used to administer the list of numbers which are used by the Find Me and Call Me rules


In the Telephone Access tab:

  • The Delete Messages on Exit option is not recommended. It permanently deletes any deleted message each time you hang up from your mailbox
  • The Save Copies of Messages in Sent Item Folder option is recommended. It provides a copy of messages you create in your mailbox and send to others in your Sent Item folder
  • The Playback Date and Time option is not recommended. It provides the date/time a message was received when you are listening to messages. The alternative is to request the date/time when you need to know it rather than having to listen to it for each message           

 ยท Please see the Fax Server QRG for details about faxing

Use the Security tab to change the password used when accessing messages through the Telephone User Interface (TUI)

Use the Personal Distribution List if desired, otherwise, and as generally preferred, administer mailing lists for both Voice mail and Email using Outlook Contacts.


Use the Time Zone option to modify the Time Zone you are currently working from if different from the system default time.

Use the Message Ordering option to modify the order in which messages are presented using the TUI