Getting Started with ONID


To get started with ONID, it is recommended you read through the Acceptable Use Policy, as this is the contract you agree with when creating an ONID account.  You can also view the ONID Frequently Asked Questions or browse any of the ONID related pages on this site for more information.

You no longer need to set up a GAP? (General Access Pin) before creating your ONID account. To create your ONID account you can use the directions on the following web page.

After you complete those steps, you ONID account will have been created and you will immediately be able to use your ONID account to:

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Send an email
  • Register a device for Internet access
  • Many more things!


Please be sure to take time and review the acceptable use policy provided by OSU

OSU Acceptable Use Policy

ONID Sign-Up Instructions

Before You Sign Up

How Do I Set Up My ONID

Finished Signing Up

Trouble Signing Up

Before you sign up:

  • Make sure you are eligible for an ONID account. (link opens in a new window)
  • Make sure that you know your OSU ID.
    • Students - Your OSU ID number was emailed to you by the OSU Admissions Office after your OSU application was submitted. It was also mailed to you in your acceptance packet from OSU or was given to you in your hiring paperwork.
    • Employees - Your OSU ID number is provided a number of ways. The number is located on your ID card, delivered by your supervisor or through a new hire e-mail. 
  • Get a piece of paper so you can write down your account information (your username, e-mail address, web site, etc).
  • If you've done the above, you're ready to go

How Do I Set Up My ONID (OSU Network ID) Account?

  1. To activate your ONID account, you need to go to:  OR
    To verify your identity by entering your:
    • OSU ID Number
    • Birth date
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    Then click Submit. ONID Sign Up Step 1
  2. Read OSU's Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy, and click "I Agree"
  3. Set A Password:
    • Read the instructions and create a password that meets the restrictions.
    • Enter your password a second time.
    • Click Set Password.
    ONID Sign Up Step 2
  4. Enter Alternate Contact Information:
    • Enter your cell phone number.
    • Enter an alternate email address.
    • Click Submit.
      • This information will be used to contact your in the event that you forget your ONID password.
      • You are NOT required to enter in information if you do not want to, but it may cause resetting a forgotten password much more difficult.
      • You ARE allowed to fill out only one field.
      • These CAN be changed later.
    ONID Sign Up Step 4
  5. Configure Junk Email Options:
    • Verify that the default options are set.
    • Adjust them according to your preference.
    • Click Set Spam Blocking Options.
    ONID Sign Up Step 5
  6. ONID Account Successfully Created
    • Your ONID account should have been successfully created.
    ONID Sign Up Step 6

Finished signing up for an account? Want to learn more?

FAQ - Questions and Answers that you may have.

Using your ONID - Services provided for ONID users.

ONID E-mail - Read your email how you want.

Trouble signing up for an account?


Please note if you are a new student and have just registered for classes you may need to wait up to 6 hours for the registration system to update ONID before you can sign up for your ONID account. Updates occur at 2AM, 8AM, 2PM, and 8PM Pacific Time.


Your new hire paperwork must be processed by Human Resources before you are eligible for an ONID account.