Helpdesks for Students, Faculty & Staff

For more information about what services the helpdesk provide please click on the name to be taken to their website.

For a full list of IT support contacts by department, please see:  DCA List

If you are not sure which helpdesk you need to contact, please contact the IS Service Desk for assistance.

How to Create and View Service Requests

The Community Network and IS Service Desk have recently moved to a new ticketing system called TeamDynamix.

How to Create a New Request

Creating a new ticket in the helpdesk enables us to quickly respond to your support request and keep a running track of issues that you might be experiencing. This history allows both you and our technicians access to prior discussions and decisions we've had with you and your equipment. At any time you can go back and look at your tickets should a problem re-appear.

To begin, go to

From this screen you will need to provide your Contact Information, then be able to provide a short descriptive subject and provide as much detail about your support request possible. Some common questions we ask are:

      How often does it happen? Is the problem intermittent, or can it be reproduced?

      When does the problem occur?

      If you get an error message, what does it say?

      What program(s) were open when the error occurred?

      Have you tried rebooting the computer?

If you have any attachements such as screenshots or documents you can click browse to locate the files and click on Attach to attach them to this ticket.

Click the "Send to IS Service Desk" button and your ticket will appear in our request queue. From here we will begin the troubleshooting process and contact you with a response shortly.

How to Update or Review a Request

Once a ticket is created you can review the status of that request at any time. Log back into the system, using your ONID account, here: If you do not have an ONID account, you will not be able to log in to view your tickets. 

You can see at a glance all of your open tickets and their current status.

image of teamdynamix

You can display all of your tickets, like this image shows, by clicking on "Status Class", select "[select all]", then pressing search. 

To make an update, click on the title of a ticket you want to make an update on. 

red box showing tickets

If you would like to make a modification or an update to this ticket, simply click on 'comment' enter information in the text box and click save.

Your ticket update will appear in our list and be taken care of shortly after we receive it.