(BeaverPrint) Printing Charges

In many locations on campus, students are charged for printing to recover the costs associated with ink, paper, and printer maintenance. Printing can be started using a web interface on any computer and finished at printers through BeaverPrint.

For information on printing through BeaverPrint: http://oregonstate.edu/helpdocs/osu-applications/beaverprint

Printing charges may vary base on a number of factors.  The print release stations and BeaverPrint web interface will display the cost before you release your print job.

Printing policies in college-specific labs also vary. See the lab consultant or college-specific computer lab web page for more details.

To request a refund due to a printer malfunction, please submit the BeaverPrint Refund Request form.

Special Printing Services - Brochure, Poster, Thesis

Student Multimedia Services offers an array of printing and lamination services for: