OSU Access

What is OSU Access?

OSU_Access is the unsecured campus wireless network. Anybody with an ONID account or a Conference Login can connect.

How do I connect?

You can connect to OSU Access using your laptop's wireless connection. If it is set to automatically connect, it may ask you if you really want to connect to it. You may also have to select it from the list of wireless networks, and it may ask you if you really want to connect here as well. In either case select Ok, or Connect.

When you open your browser, you should get a sign-in/registration page. You can choose to either sign in, which is just a temporary 600 minute login, or you can register your computer's MAC address? so that you don't have to sign in again. We strongly recommend that customers permanently register their machines.

For instructions on how to permanently register your machine, Click Here.