OSU Alert

What is OSU Alert?

OSU Alert is an emergency notification system that allows our public safety officials to contact students and employees via phone, email and text messaging. In an emergency, the system will try all means of notifying each person via the contact information they have provided. It is important that you enter your contact information by logging into the OSU Alert portal. (See below for help getting started.)

Who can use OSU Alert?

Only OSU students and employees are entered into the system (no affiliates).

How do I access or sign-up for OSU Alert?

You will need to create an account with Blackboard Connect, and then associate that account with your OSU contact information.

The alerts website is brand new, you will need to sign up for an account using the directions below before you can edit your contact information.


Opting out of OSU Alert

Contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk through the methods listed on the right "Supported by" block to opt out of OSU Alert.  However, please understand that this system will be the primary means of communication in an emergency and your life may depend on getting information in a timely way.


For more information visit http://alert.oregonstate.edu.