OSU Alert

What is OSU Alert?

OSU Alert is an emergency notification system that allows our public safety officials to contact students and employees via phone, email and text messaging. In an emergency, the system will try all means of notifying each person via the contact information they have provided. It is important that you enter your contact information by logging into the OSU Alert portal(See below for help getting started.)

Who can use OSU Alert?

Only people with a current ONID or Unified OSU account.

How do I access or sign-up for OSU Alert?

Your ONID or Unified OSU account and password will allow you to access OSU Alert.

Login to your account with your OSU information:

  1. Browse to the OSU Alert portal.
  2. Login with your ONID or Unified OSU account username and password.
  3. Update and save your contact information.
  4. Close the web browser when complete.

Opting out of OSU Alert

You will always receive an email to your OSU account. OSU needs to be able to contact you about incidents or emergencies that occur on campus. However, any additional contact information that you voluntarily added can be removed via the OSU Alert portal.

You can also contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk for assistance.

For more information visit http://alert.oregonstate.edu.