(AV) Mac

Do I really need to use anti-virus on a Mac?

Yes. It is a very common misconception that the mac systems are impervious from malware and viruses. There is no technical reason why a Mac computer could not be infected with malware, but the major reason they have not been attacked as much is because there is a smaller population of systems to infect and gain information. A mac computer already has a built in solution for only "known" malware which Apple flags. There is no detection that occurs using heuristics or watching for malicious actions. Also the mac solutions depend on you keeping your computer up to date at all times.

How do I protect myself?

There are plenty of ways to protect both yourself and your computer; but to make it easier, below you can find a small portion of documents to help you get started:

(Sophos) Installing

Installing Sophos

  1. Navigate to the Sophos installation page and click on the green 'Download' button on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Enter your name and your email address on the following page, then hit "Submit".
     Registration page for downloading Sophos
  3. Click the blue "Download" button.
      Blue download button on Sophos page
  4. Accept the agreement terms and download the program from the bottom of the page.
    Accept terms to download the program 
  5. Find the installation package in your downloads folder, and double-click on it.
    Find the zipped Sohpos package in your downloads folder 
  6. Your computer will unzip the files into a new folder within your downloads folder. Find the folder called "savosx_he_r" and open it.
     The unzipped Sophos Antivirus folder within the downloads folder
  7. Double-click the .app file to begin the installation.
     Double-click the .app to download the application.
    The installation window should pop up after launching the .app file. 
  8. Once the installation is finished, you should see a shield icon  appear in your Finder toolbar. Now you have Sophos up and ready to help protect your computer at all times.

(Sophos) Running a Full Scan

Running a Full Scan

Before running any manual full scans, always remember to update Sophos' virus definitions. This helps Sophos better find and quarintine potential virus infections on your computer.

  1. To update Sophos' virus definitions, click on the shield icon in your Finder toolbar and select "Update Now".
    Option to update definitions 
  2. Sophos will now begin to search for any updates it needs through the internet. If it pops up with any updates, make sure to install them.
  3. Once all your virus definitions have been updated, go back to the Sophos shield icon and select "Scan This Mac".
     Option to perform a full scan on your Mac
  4. Your computer will now begin scanning all your files for virus infections. This may take a few hours, depending on how much data is on your computer.

(Sophos) Uninstalling

Uninstalling Sophos

  1. Search your Mac for "remove". A program called "Remove Sophos Anti-Virus" should appear as the top hit.
    NOTE: If you don't see the "Remove Sophos Anti-Virus" program in your search results, you may need to download the removal tool from the following page.
    Search for the removal tool in Spotlight
  2. Double click the program, and the uninstaller should launch.
    What the uninstaller looks like 
  3. Continue through the uninstaller to completely remove Sophos from your Mac.

(Sophos) Weekly Scans

Scheduling Weekly Scans (Recommended)

This is a recommend step as part of using Sophos as this allows for extra protection while using your computer.

  1. Click on the shield icon in your Finder toolbar, and select "Open Scans..."
    The Sophos menu is in the upper right corner 
  2. Expand the Scans window by clicking on "Custom Scans" at the bottom.
     What the Sophos Scans window should look like after expanding the Custom Scans menu
  3. Click on the gear icon Everyone's favorite gear icon in the bottom left and choose "Scan Settings..." from the drop-down menu
  4. Click on the Schedule tab.
    The custom scan settings window 
  5. Tick the box that says "Enable schedule." You can now choose a day and time for your computer to run your weekly scans.
    The scheduling interface within your scan settings
  6. Hit "Done" to save your changes.