(BeaverPrint) How to Print via Web

How to print via the web

Note: To print via the web your file must be in PDF format, for directions on how to save your file as a pdf please reference these FAQs.

  1. Go to the BeaverPrint website
    Initial Steps 
  2. Click on the “Web Print” tab on the left hand side; you can now see any active job orders
  3. Click on “Submit a Job”
    Selecting your printer that you would like to print from
  4. Select the printer you would like to print to by clicking on one of the bubbles; you have two options. One to print in black and white, or one to print in color
  5. After selecting the printer click on “2. Print Options and Account Selection” in the bottom right corner
    How to select the number of copies
  6. Input how many copies you would like to print in the “Copies” box
    Uploading and finishing your print job
  7. Next click on “3. Upload Documents”
  8. There are two ways to upload documents to print but the files must be in PDF format
  9. Browse your computer for files by clicking on “Upload from Computer” near the middle of the page, or drag and drop files in the “Drag files here” box
  10. You can remove unwanted files by clicking on “remove”
  11. Once you have selected your files to be printed, click on “Upload & Complete” 
  12. After submitting your order go to one of the BeaverPrint stations located around campus
  13. At the printing station slide your OSU ID? card or enter your ONID username and password
  14. All the current jobs waiting to be printed will show up on the touch screen, you can select them individually or print them all at once

After you are done printing at the BeaverPrint station you can log out in the upper right corner or it will time out automatically.