(WebEx) Scheduleing Alternate Host

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How to Schedule an Alternate Host:


Video Tutorial: How to Schedule an Alternate Host


1)  Log in at oregonstate.webex.com

2) Click Meeting Center

3) Click  “Schedule a Meeting” under ‘Host a Meeting’ header

4) Click “Advanced Scheduler”



5)  Enter a title and work through the steps until you get to bubble number 4



    6)  Click "Select Attendees" and a pop-up window will appear.



    7)  From the Source dropdown select "Personal Contacts"

    8) Click "New Contact" and a pop-up appears



    9) Enter Full name and users ONID email address. (Note: Alternate host MUST have a WebEx account. They are required to have logged into WebEx at least once before you can schedule them as an alternate host. Email format is: {ONID Username}@oregonstate.edu)



    10) Click “Add” and it takes you back to the Select Attendees window

          11)  The new contact will be on the left side of the window

          12)  Single click the added person’s name

           13)  Select “Alternate Host >” and name moves to the right