(WebEx) Installing Productivity Tools

Installing Productivity Tools


Step 1:  Go to http://oregonstate.webex.com/


Step 2:  Log in using your ONID credentials by clicking on the “Log In” button in the top right-hand corner of the page (which should take you to the OSU Login page)



Step 3:  Now you should be logged in to your WebEx page. Click on the tab on the top of the screen that says “Meeting Center”, and then click the “Downloads” button on the bottom left-hand sidebar on the screen (located in the “Support” drop-down on the left sidebar)




Step 4:  Choose the operating system you have (e.g. Windows or Mac), and then click “Download”



Step 5:  Once that has downloaded and auto-installed, it should open the tool. To configure it, you’ll need to click the “Edit WebEx Settings” on the bottom of the tool.



Step 6:  Fill out only the site URL, which should be: oregonstate.webex.com. The User Name and Password should be left blank. Check the button that says “Remember my password” before you hit “Login”. This should bring up the ONID login page, which you’ll need to login to. This should be the last time you will have to log in for use of Productivity Tools.




NOTE:   You may need to restart your computer before these changes take effect.