Preparing for Unification

Preparing Your Account For Unification

Please do the following things in preparation for unification of your accounts

  1. Password
    1. If your ONID password is not the same as the password for your CN or departmental (Science, ENGR, etc) domain account, please change one of them so they both match
      1. ONID Password Change Instructions
      2. Domain Password Change Instructions
  2. Windows Users
    1. Log out of your computer when you leave for the day
  3. CN Lite Users
    1. If you use CN Lite, log out when you're done for the day.  Don't just close the window, go to the Start menu and choose Log Off


After Your Accounts are Unified:

  1. Mobile Devices
    1. Configure email and calendar settings on your device and ensure the username is set to Instructions for configuration can be found on helpdocs
    2. Update passwords if you changed them in preparation for unification.
  2. Computer
    1. Windows (including CN Lite)
      1. Login to your computer using as the username.
        1. If you are using Windows 7, you'll need to click the "Change User" button at the login screen
      2. Continue to login with this user name in the future
      3. If you have trouble logging in the day after unfication, try shutting down your computer and restarting it.
    2. Apple
      1. Check your keychain and change the credentials for anything that is saved as domain\username to
  3. ONID alternate contact information and email forwarding
    1. Go to the ONID website ( and click Login to ONID
    2. Click Alternate Contact Info to review and set your information
      1. Do not use your email address as the alternate contact
    3. Click Manage Mail
      1. If you do not regularly check your ONID email account, it is strongly recommended that you forward it to your primary email account.
        1. Enter or change your email address that you wish to forward to under "Mail Forwarding"
        2. Click the "Set Mail Forwarding" button
  4. Directory Information
    1. Go to the OSU Online Directory ( and review your entry. The data displayed in the directory is the same information that will be available on you entry in the OSU email address book.
      1. Name
        1. If this is not how you would like your name displayed, you can set a preferred name with Human Resources by following the instructions for Preferred Name (Nickname) Changes
      2. All other fields
        1. Follow the instructions for ONID Directory Changes

Backing up Office 365 OneDrive - Windows

The information in this helpdoc is relevant to username changes and account unification.

To resynchronize your OneDrive folder after a username change in Office 365, use the following steps:

1. In the system tray in Windows, right click on the OneDrive cloud icon

office365 onedrive resync step 1

2. Select "Stop syncing a folder"

Office365 onedrive resyncing step 2


3. Select the folder(s) that contain your OneDrive content.  Confirm that you wish to stop syncing the folder(s)

If your username change is complete, use the following steps to reactivate your OneDrive sync

1. In the system tray on windows, right click on the OneDrive cloud icon and select "Sync a new library"

office365 onedrive resyncing step 3


2. On the Ready to Sync screen, Select "Change"

Office365 onedrive resyncing step 4


3. Navigate to and select your previously synced OneDrive folder and click "OK"

Office365 onedrive resyncing step 5


4. Click "Sync Now".  Your files will begin syncing again and will be synchornized once more between OneDrive and you Windows computer