Active/Online Directory Changes

Employee data in the Online directory

The online directory displays your official employee directory data.  The data is displayed at and on your ONID account in the OSU global email address list.  The data in your directory profile is maintained by multiple organizations.  This document provides instructions how to update each field of your employee data.



Students must contact the registrar to update their name.  Please the the Registrar's page on Biographical Information Change Requests for instructions


Employees may request a legal or preferred name change from their Business Center Human Resources department.  Instructions are found on the Campus Directory Profile page


If the displayed title is incorrect, send an e-mail to your Business Center with your new information. If your title is not displayed, your will need to update your Banner directory profile

Department, Department Mailing Address

This data is maintained by Human Resources.  To update, send an e-mail to your Business Center with your new information.

Office Phone Number, Alternate Phone Number, Office Address

These fields are maintained by Telecom.  If they are not displayed or you need to update them, please have your telephone coordinator contact Telecom with directory udpates.

Email Address

Your Banner Preferred email address is displayed on your profile.  If the address displayed is incorrect, you will need to ensure your preferred email address is set correctly.  If your email address is not displayed, you will need to update your Banner directory profile.


Updating your Banner directory profile 

Log in to OSU Employee Online Services, go to the Personal Information menu, and select Directory Profile.  For the Employee Position title and Directory Email to display in the directory, ensure the box next to these fields are checked and select "Submit Changes".