Citrix Apps

What is Citrix?

Citrix is a remote application program that allows you to remotely access various programs such as SPSS, ENVI, and almost every application you can find in Oregon State computer labs! 

Who can use it?

Anyone who can create an ONID account! This includes and is limited to all current students, faculty, staff, and associates.

To access Citrix Applications, go to

As of 6/23/2017, this is the comprehensive list of applications offered through Citrix:

Access ArcCatalog ArcGlobe ArcMap
ArcScene Behave Plus Bottleneck Cervus
Chem3D ChemDraw ChemFinder ChemFinder for Office
Consume Distance EndNote ENVI
ENVI + IDL ENVI Classic ENVI Classic + IDL Epi Info
EstimateS Excel FOFEM FVS-Suppose
GeoStudio IDL LimitState GEO Logger Pro
Maple 2015 Minitab Mplus NVivo
OneNote Outlook Powerpoint Publisher
R x64 R x86 RSPS RStudio
SAS SAS IML Studio SketchUp SPSS
Stata StatGraphics Traverse Word

For more quick how-to information, click on one of the links below:

(Citrix) Basic Access

Basic Access

1. Go to Login using your ONID username and password.

2.   Check the box for the Citrix license agreement the click "install" to download the installer. 

On a mac, find and mount the downloaded .dmg file and run the installer. On a PC, run the setup file when prompted.

3. After installation return to the browser window and click "continue".

4.   Click the plus tab on the left side of the page to expose app browser.

5.   Add apps and enjoy!

(Citrix) Android Installation

Android Installation

1. Download Citrix Reciever for Android

Click the link above from mobile browser on Android, or search Marketplace for "Citrix Receiver"

2. Click "Install" and "Accept download" from Marketplace
3. Launch app and select "Add Account"
4. In the Address field, type "" and click "Next"

5. Fill in the blank fields:

  • User Name: your ONID username
  • Password: your ONID password
  • Domain: ONID


6. Find your desired apps and enjoy!

(Citrix) Chromebook Installation

Chromebook Installation

Chromebooks have the easiest "Installation" of all of the devices. 

Just login at and use, no software necessary!

(Citrix) Windows/OSx Installation

Desktop App for saving to local machine

1.   Download the citrix reciever: Windows, Mac

2.   Once installed, you will enter for the server address.

3.   Login with your ONID username and password.

4.   Once logged in you will see a screen like this.

5.   You will be able to save files to your local drives from Citrix!

(Citrix) iOSx Installation

iOSx Installation

1. Get Receiver for iOS

Do one of the following:

  1. Click this link from a mobile browser on iOS
  2. Search App Store for "Citrix Receiver" 
  3. Type following URL into your mobile web browser:
  4. Or scan the QR code below with your iOS device:

2. Configure

Do one of the following:

  1. Click this link from a mobile browser on iOS
  2. Type the following URL into your mobile browser:
  3. Or scan the QR code below with your iOS device:

The select "Open in Receiver" if it doesn't happen automatically.

3 . Login
  • Username: your ONID username
  • Password: your ONID password

4. Add apps and enjoy!