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This section is specifically for Alumni and previous employees. Once you are no longer affiliated with Oregon State University, you lose access to a lot of resources, but you still have the fundamentals. Most of what you have access to is for official documentation. Emeritus employees will have access to more utilities than what is below, based on what their department has given them.

What accounts do I have access to?

  • Banner Self-Service - This is the only account that most previous employees will have access to. In this account is both transcripts, W2s, and any other official documents you need from Oregon State University, after leaving.

What mailboxes do I have access to?

  • Lifetime Email - This is only available to Alumni who have graduated from Oregon State University. Basically acts as an email forward since the "mailinbox" has a space of 0Mb. The lifetime email is whatever you want as a username, followed by @lifetime.oregonstate.edu.

What are a couple useful things to know?

  • How to Access Transcripts - As an Alumni, you will need to know how to access your transcripts. Generall they will be used more right out of college until you get enough work experience.
  • How to Access W2 Information - Pay information is pretty useful to know how to get once tax season comes around!

What are the main resources I have?

  • Banner Self-Service - The primary account you will have for any official documents.
  • Lifetime Email - Basically an email forwarder, ends in @lifetime.oregonstate.edu.

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