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Backing up Office 365 OneDrive - Windows

The information in this helpdoc is relevant to username changes and account unification.

To resynchronize your OneDrive folder after a username change in Office 365, use the following steps:

1. In the system tray in Windows, right click on the OneDrive cloud icon

office365 onedrive resync step 1

2. Select "Stop syncing a folder"

Office365 onedrive resyncing step 2


3. Select the folder(s) that contain your OneDrive content.  Confirm that you wish to stop syncing the folder(s)

If your username change is complete, use the following steps to reactivate your OneDrive sync

1. In the system tray on windows, right click on the OneDrive cloud icon and select "Sync a new library"

office365 onedrive resyncing step 3


2. On the Ready to Sync screen, Select "Change"

Office365 onedrive resyncing step 4


3. Navigate to and select your previously synced OneDrive folder and click "OK"

Office365 onedrive resyncing step 5


4. Click "Sync Now".  Your files will begin syncing again and will be synchornized once more between OneDrive and you Windows computer

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