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Mac OS X (On Campus/VPN?)

If your Mac OS X computer is on the OSU network (either plugged into a network port at a building on campus, using the OSU wireless network, or using VPN from off-campus), you can mount file Servers to your Mac OS X computer. Follow these steps:

1. From the Finder, click on the Go menu and choose Connect To Server.

2. In the Address field, enter "smb://onid-fs.onid.oregonstate.edu" and click the Connect button. You can also add it to a list of Favorites by pressing the plus button. 
Note: CN customers can access two other File Servers - 

3. Enter your ONID username and password. Click Connect.

4. Choose your Volume from the list of shares and click OK.

5. Your file server will now be a drive on your desktop!

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