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What is ONID?

a quick guide for students - Get Connected to OSU systems and email
a quick guide for employees - Get Connected to OSU systems and email

OSU Network Identification (ONID) is a universal computer account available to all OSU students and employees.

You get a free email address with your ONID account, but ONID is much more than email. With an ONID username and password, you also get access to University technology services, the wireless network, Blackboard, ResNet, IS computer labs, and the Interlibrary Loan.

For more information visit Using Your ONID webpage.

Who can get an ONID account?

  • All admitted students are eligible from the time they are admitted until their admitted term.
  • All students that are eligible to register for classes.
  • All employees of the University, including students and graduate assistants, are eligible from the beginning of their employment through their last day of work.
  • All emeriti, adjunct, or courtesy faculty are eligible for the duration of their appointment.
  • All Central Oregon Community College (COCC) students that are dual-enrolled at OSU or OSU-Cascades are eligible as soon as they are admitted. All other COCC students are only eligible if they register for an OSU course.
  • All official OSU Associates are eligible for the duration of their official association with the University. For further information about the OSU Associates program, please visit the ID Center website.

Note: Spouses of OSU employees are Affiliates, not Associates. Affiliates are not eligible for ONID accounts.

Why get an ONID account?

  • Many professors use class email lists to contact students.  Without an ONID email account, you may be missing important information.
  • In order to access Blackboard, students and professors must have a valid ONID account.
  • Using on-campus computers requires a valid ONID account.
  • Starting July 2013, ONID accounts have access to Google Apps for OSU.

How can I sign up for ONID?

Instructions are available on Getting Started with ONID.

How long can I keep my ONID account?

For students, one term after you stop taking classes your account is deactivated. After two terms, your account is completely removed. If you are a graduating student however, you get to keep your ONID email for a full year after you graduate.

For faculty, your account is deactivated two months after your employee status is set to "terminated". One term after that, your account is deleted.

More information about ONID account termination can be found on the FAQ page.

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