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Setting a new ONID password

OSU Access Wireless portal has returned

The login page for the OSU Access wireless network has returned. Information about that can be found here.

OSU Access is an unsecured/unencrypted wireless network. OSU IT staff recommend you use the Eduroam or OSU Secure wireless networks.

  1. The next page will ask you to create a new password. Type in your password twice and then click the "set password" button.

  2. Note: Please remember to read the restrictions and suggestions prior to creating your new password. Also pay attention to the password strength meter to make sure you have a strong password

    ONID Password Change Form (new password field, new password (again) field)

  3. Once you have click "set password" you will should be taken to a page that states your password has been successfully changed and you have now completed your ONID password reset

  4. Passwird changed Page

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