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Getting Started with ONID


To get started with ONID, it is recommended you read through the Acceptable Use Policy, as this is the contract you agree with when creating an ONID account.  You can also view the ONID Frequently Asked Questions or browse any of the ONID related pages on this site for more information.

You no longer need to set up a GAP? (General Access Pin) before creating your ONID account. To create your ONID account you can use the directions on the following web page.

After you complete those steps, you ONID account will have been created and you will immediately be able to use your ONID account to:

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Send an email
  • Register a device for Internet access
  • Many more things!


Please be sure to take time and review the acceptable use policy provided by OSU

OSU Acceptable Use Policy

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