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If you have a unified account follow the instructions found here.

If you would like to set up your @oregonstate.edu email account to sync with your Android device, please follow the instructions below. Please remember that your device must support Microsoft Active Sync to support a full Exchange? email account. Your directions may vary as different manufacturers have different types of the Android OS.

Depending on your device manufacturer (HTC, Motorola, etc.), you may need either a valid Wi-Fi signal or a data connection (4G, 3G, Edge, etc.) before you attempt to set up your account. If a data connection is required, you will need to disconnect from Wi-Fi. You may wish to check with the hardware vendor to see which is required for setup.

  1. If you are on campus and need to establish a Wi-Fi connection, please note the following:
    1. You must register your mobile device with our network to establish a connection.
    2. You can establish a secure, encrypted connection with the OSU_Secure network. This will protect you from hackers who might exploit an unencrypted connection. Click here for Wi-Fi setup instructions.
  2. From the Home screen, press the Menu button.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Accounts & Sync.
  5. Tap the Add account button.
  6. Tap Exchange ActiveSync (your device might instead say Corporate, ActiveSync, Microsoft Exchange, or Exchange).
  7. Set up the account:
    1. Enter your Exchange email address, e.g. john.doe@oregonstate.edu
    2. Enter your Exchange password
    3. Tap Next
  8. For some users, you maysee a screen that prompts you to enter information on domains. If you do not see it, skip to step about desired sync settings. If you do see it, proceed to the next step.
    1. Enter your domain\username, with a backslash (\) separating the two. For example, if you are a CN customer, you will enter "CN\username". If you do not know the pertinent information above, contact your IT support person for help.
    2. Enter a mail server of exmail.oregonstate.edu.
    3. Select Secure or SSL for security options.
    4. Tap Next.
  9. You may see a screen that asks you to select your desired sync settings and push options. After you select them, tap Next.
  10. You may see a screen that asks you to name the account (e.g. you could type "OSU Email").
  11. Tap Finish setup or Done.
  12. If you receive a "Remote Security Administration" warning, or a warning that "Your Exchange server requires that you enable security to continue synchronizing," tap OK to accept. You may also need to tap Activate on the "Activate Device Administrator" screen.

You are done!

Your device should now sync with the Exchange server. If you are not getting email or if the above instructions are not working for you, please call the OSU Computer Helpdesk at (541) 737-3474 and we'll help you out.

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