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(Self-Service) Forgot OSU ID Number

Forgot OSU ID? Number

If you need to use your OSU ID and are unable to find it, you can use the following items to attempt to retrieve it.

  1. If you are a current student or employee and remember what your ONID password is:
    Use the instructions for finding your ONID username.
    Proceed to step D.

  2.  If you are a current student or employee and DO NOT remember your ONID password or GAP?.
    Student: Call the Registrar's Office by phone at: 541-737-4331.
    Employees: Call the OSU Computer Helpdesk by phone at: 541-737-3474.
    The support person will be able to help you to use the forgot GAP form or reset your GAP if needed.

  3. If you are an incomming student and need assistance
    Call the Office of Admissions at: 541-737-4411 

  4. Once you are logged into Online Services.
    Click on: Personal Information.
    Then click: Display OSU ID.

Need help?

Contact the Service Desk at 541-737-8787

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