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Why do I need a user account?

User accounts are used to access email, classes, and personal information. Your ONID account is used to access classes and the ONID email account. It can also get you access to the VPN? client.

Your OSU ID? and GAP? number gives you access to view your personal information stored with the University, as well as register for classes, view financial aid information and even your payment information. These can also be viewed by inputting your ONID username and password if you are currently affiliated with the school.

What kinds of accounts are there?

There are three main types of accounts, the OSU ID/GAP number "account," ONID account, and Exchange? account. Generally only OSU employees have Exchange accounts.

Where can I access these accounts?

You can access the accounts at the following locations.

OSU ID/GAP: http://infosu.oregonstate.edu/login

ONID: http://onid.oregonstate.edu/

Exchange: https://exmail.oregonstate.edu/owa

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