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Degree Last Name Thesis/Dissertation Graduation yearsort icon
PhD WRE Mateus, Cris

Water scarcity and reservoir reliability in basins affected by climate and land use change: Impacts of hydrogeology, senstitives, and uncertanties in the Santiam River Basin, Oregon

MS WRPM Foley, Kelly

Examining the voluntary adoption of agricultural conservation practices in northern Malheur County, Oregon

MS WRPM Tanner, Andrew

Surface water variation and water storage potential in Upper Klamath Basin, 2000-2012

PhD WRE Arras, Tracy

A GIS approach to estimating continuous hydraulic conductivity and equivalent hydraulic conductivity

PhD WRE Abou-Rached, Carole

Microbial fuel cell for wastewater treatment: heavy metal removal, sewage sludge treatement, and its potential application in wastewater reuse in irrigation

PhD WRE Jackson, Tracie

Lateral cavities in streams: flow structure and mean residence times from channel hydraulics, morphology, and computational fluid dynamics

PhD WRE DiFrancesco, Kara

Development and application of climate risk assessment methods for flood management systems - a study of flexibility, adaptive capacity, and robustenss

MS WRPM Oravec, Timothy

Municipal sewerage sysetm resilience: disturbances and management strategies in Cook County, IL.

MS WRE Miller, Rebecca

Influence of log truck traffic and road hydrology on sediment yield in western Oregon

MS WRS Jennings, Keith

Precipitation-snowmelt timing and snowmelt augmentation of large peak flow events, wester Cascades, Oregon

MS WRPM Carson, Andrea

"Investments in people and technology : public participation in the remediation of Dian Lake in Yunnan, China"

MS WRPM Dengel, Jeff

"Reviving Whychus: Averting Collisions Between the Endangered Species Act and Agricultural Water Use through Proactive Streamflow Restoration"

MS WRE Dosch, Nicholas

Spatiotemporal dynamics and drivers of stream pCO2 in a headwater mountain catchment in the Cascade Mountains, Oregon

MS WRE Inouye (Marshall), Allison

Development of a hydrologic model to explore the impacts of future climate on water resources in the Big Wood Basin, Idaho

MS WRE Barr, Colleen

The Field Edge Flux Paradox

MS WRE L'Hommedieu, William

Depth-dependent effects of an engineered log jam on simulated flow structure and complexity

MS WRS Corson-Rikert, Hayley

Carbon dynamics in the hyporheic zone of a headwater mountain stream in the Cascade Mountains, Oregon

MS WRS Hammond, John

Trends in Streamflow Above and Below Dams Across the Columbia River Basin from 1950 to 2012: Assessing Sub-basin Sensitivity

MS WRE Ring, Theresa

A comparison of modeling schemes for mapping daily evapotranspiration at high resolution using remote sensing.

MS WRS Morrow, Perry

Biochar: Saturated hydraulic conductivity and methylene blue sorption characteristics as applied to storm water treatment.