Sally Duncan

Policy Research Program Manager, Institute for Natural Resources
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stakeholder involvement

water governance

water resource policy

Current Research Interests: 

Connections between humans and their natural resources, in particular the intertwined roles of science, communications, and social acceptance of resource management

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In her work at INR, Sally is committed to improving the multi-faceted connections between scientific research with all its limitations and opportunities, and the complex worlds of decision makers and stakeholders. In other words, those places where the constraints on social acceptability of natural resource policy become startlingly clear and sometimes appallingly difficult to budge. So today’s hefty natural resource challenges – managing for climate change, sustainability, ecosystem services, integrated data, and land/water policy conflicts – provide ample opportunities for facing down dragons, getting lions to lie down with lambs, and mixing metaphors with clichés. Every day, the quest at INR is for better solutions, stronger partnerships, and the best working environment we can produce.