Marìa Dragila

Professor, Unsaturated Flow
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Agricultural and Life Science 3135
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Water Resources Engineering
Water Resources Science
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Current Research Interests: 
  1. Transport of Phytophthora zoospores in porous media- Laboratory investigation of the transport properties of live biological entities through unsaturated porous media. Funded by USDA-NRI.
  2. Evaporation and salt precipitation- Laboratory/theoretical investigation of the physical-chemical mechanisms controlling the location of salt precipitation during the evaporation process in heterogeneous porous media. Funded by NSF.
  3. Evaporation from soil cracks- Investigate the effect that soil cracks have on the flux of energy (heat), water (evaporation) and solutes (salt redistribution). Funded by NSF.
  4. Hydrophobic Soil- Investigating the chemical-physical mechanisms responsible for the peculiar behavior that some hydrophobic soils, where water beads that impact the surface are rapidly “coated” with soil particles. This “coating” of water beads increases erosion of planting beds. Funded by USDA-AFRI.
  5. Liquid flow in unsaturated fractures- Investigating the effect surface texture (micro-topography) has on the movement of an air water interface. Funded by NSF.
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  • Aquifer salinization
  • Vadose zone fractures
  • Sudden oak death
  • High-resolution cesium magnetometer surveys to locate agricultural drain tiles
  • Hydrophobicity of Quincy soil
  • Investigation of non-Darcian transport mechanisms affecting movement of chemicals from agricultural operations