Malgorzata Peszynska

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Kidd 352
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Water Resources Engineering
Water Resources Science
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Current Research Interests: 
  • Model Adaptivity for Porous Media
  • Multiscale Mathematics Research Group
  • SOLAR: Enhanced Photovoltaic Efficiency through Heterojunction Assisted Impact Ionization
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Research Field: Applied and Computational Mathematics

Peszynska's research interests are in mathematical and computational modeling of of flow and transport in porous media and other phenomena of similar character. At continuum scale these are described by nonlinear coupled differential equations with highly heterogeneous and multiscale data, and at discrete scale by various statistical mechanics and network models. She is interested in the analysis of solutions as well as in the development and analysis of numerical algorithms working across continuum and discrete scales. Currently, she is involved in modeling methane hydrates, coalbed methane, and solar cells within two funded interdisciplinary projects: NSF-DMS 1115827 "Hybrid modeling in porous media" , and "SOLAR: Enhanced Photovoltaic Efficiency through Heterojunction Assisted Impact Ionization".