Lisa Gaines

Interim Director, Institute for Natural Resources
Contact Information
Member of Graduate Faculty in: 
Water Resources Policy and Management
Willing to Advise Students for: 
Willing to serve on Graduate Committees for: 
Detailed Research Interest : 

stakeholder involvement

water governance

water resource policy

Current Research Interests: 
  • Human dimensions of environmental risk
  • Environmental policy and decision-making
  • Citizen participation, evaluation, and international transboundary waters
Other Information: 

Lisa has more than 20 years of experience working with universities, government agencies, and NGOs to develop and manage multi-institutional natural resource and international development projects and programs. Within INR she leads multi-institutional research and science review teams, facilitates planning and policy dialogues, develops and implements policy research, leads multi-institutional proposal development teams, and has been INR's Associate Director for the past five years. As Interim Director, Lisa will continue to be committed to INR's faculty and institutional integrity. She will work with the INR faculty to build partnerships with researchers, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and other stakeholders in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest to integrate science and policy to reframe and address the natural resource and environmental challenges we face.