Jason Dunham

Supervisory Research Aquatic Ecologist
Contact Information
3200 SW Jefferson Way
Member of Graduate Faculty in: 
Water Resources Science
Willing to serve on Graduate Committees for: 
Detailed Research Interest : 

surface water

aquatic ecology

stream ecology

Current Research Interests: 
  • Landscape ecology of aquatic ecosystems
  • Conservation biology of focal species
  • Ecology of natural disturbance
  • Biological invasions
  • Monitoring
Other Information: 

Featured Studies: 

  • Reconstructing Thermal Regimes in Streams from Sclerochronology of Freshwater Mussels
  • Habitat Factors Influencing Rainbow Trout Life-History Diversity
  • Trask Watershed Study (Oregon) - Watersheds Research Cooperative (Generic Trask)
  • Understanding Threats of Non-native Brook Trout on Threatened Bull Trout and Pacific Salmon in the Elwha River Prior to Dam Removal 
  • Decision Support for Reintroduction of Bull Trout into the Clackamas River, Oregon
  • Using Abundance to Inform Monitoring of Fish Populations and Habitat: Applied Sampling Validation and Limiting Factors Analysis (Redband) 
  • Evaluating Threats of Invasion, Isolation, and Climate Change on Bull Trout in the State of Oregon 
  • Aquatic Organism Passage: Systematic Evidence Review and Guidelines for an Effectiveness Monitoring Protocol (Culvert) 
  • Climate Impact on Streamflows, Thermal Regimes, and the Changing Distribution of Trout in the Great Basin (GBLCC)
  • Aquatic Ecosystems and Landscape Processes in the Face of Climate Change: Biota Modeling