David Purkey

Senior Scientist
Contact Information
(530) 753-3035
Member of Graduate Faculty in: 
Water Resources Engineering
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Detailed Research Interest : 


surface water


aquatic ecology

Current Research Interests: 

Research interests include understanding the potential impacts of and adaptation to climate change in the water sector and aquatic ecosystems, integrated water resources management that focuses on linking the management of surface water and groundwater to meet a broad spectrum of objectives, and equitable management of transboundary water resources.

Other Information: 

David Purkey runs the Northern California office of SEI-US and is actively involved in the SEI Water and Sanitation Program in the the United States and globally. Much of his work centers around the development, dissemination and application of SEI's Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) system. David and his team are experienced in applying a range of hydrologic, hydraulic, and planning models in setting as diversion as California, the US-Mexico border, the Great Lakes, and West and Southern Africa. David received his Ph.D. in hydrology from the University of California, Davis in 1998.