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OSU in Senate District 02


Enrollment in 2000 from your district:  290
Enrollment last year:  397 (36.9% increase since 2000)
Enrollment this fall:  392 (1.3% decrease since last year)
Freshmen from your district in 2009: 67
Freshmen from your district this year: 48 (28.4% decrease since last year)
Freshmen valedictorians and salutatorians this year from your district:  4  

Degrees Awarded

Undergraduate Degrees awarded in 2010:  73
Graduate Degrees awarded in 2010:  12

2010 -2011 Assistance for Students in Need (Bridge to Success) 

Bridge to Success participants in your district: 78

Students receiving tuition remissions: 105 valued at: $168,784
Students receiving the Oregon Opportunity Grant:  54 valued at: $95,036

For more information about enrollment: http://www.ous.edu/dept/ir/reports/hsprofile/

OSU Extension 

4-H Participants in your district: 197 adult participants, 643 youth participants
Master Gardeners:  347 


OSU Alumni in your district:  1,159


FTE in your district:  44.18
Payroll:  $1,281,935

Contributions to the Campaign for OSU from your district

Amount donated to OSU from your district since the start of the Campaign for OSU $2,781,424 from 852 donors

Note: for more information regarding this data please contact the OSU Office of Government Relations

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