Joint Special Committee on University Governance

OSU and the other public four-year universities have devoted the last year to transitioning away from the Oregon University System towards operating through our own independent governing boards. Last November, the Governor and the Oregon Senate confirmed OSU’s Board of Trustees, chaired by alumna Pat Reser. You can read her letter in December issue of the Oregon Stater to find out more about the transition and priorities.. Below you will find documents that supported the transition to these independent boards.

Institutional Boards

OSU President Edward J. Ray's comments to the Oregon Education Investment Board, October 25, 2012

OSU President Edward J. Ray’s paper on Local Governance

Ray Local Governance Summary Points

UO Interim President Robert M. Berdahl’s testimony and supplemental materials

PSU President Wim Wiewel’s testimony

OUS Proposal on Institutional Governing Boards

OUS Governance Proposal Summary