What Type of Careers are Available in the Food Science Industry?

Our graduates get jobs—good ones. Our students have historically enjoyed a 100% placement rate. Starting salaries vary, but according to a recent industry survey, nationwide, food science graduates with a B.S. have a median starting salary of around $40,000.

You may work for a small company or a large corporation—or start your own business. You may work in a government laboratory or for a university. Our graduates work in Oregon as well as throughout the United States—even internationally. Some have jobs that keep them close to home, while others travel extensively.

You may be developing new foods or beverages, improving packaging or processing techniques, ensuring food safety, producing more convenient or nutritious foods, or any number of other exciting possibilities.

Whether you like to be around a lot of people or just a few—whether you enjoy working more with machines or people, whether you are interested in things at the cellular or molecular level, or dealing with issues at the corporate level, food science and fermentation science offer a wide variety of job settings, with plenty of upward and lateral mobility.

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