Yanyun Zhao

Dr. Yanyun Zhao, Professor & Extension Specialist in Value-Added Food Processing
Food Science and Technology
Professor & Ext. Spec. Value-Added Food Processing

B.S. 1982 - University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Cryogenic Engineering
M.S. 1987 - University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Heat Transfer
Ph.D. 1993 - Louisiana State University, Food Engineering

Professional Activities
Member of Institute of Food Technologists

Research Interests: 

My research interest is in the area of value-added food processing by utilization of emerging food processing and packaging techniques. I am especially interested in the development, characterization, and application of biodegradable and edible packaging materials, and use of edible coating, vacuum impregnation, and infusion technique for developing high quality, longer shelf-life, and value-added fruit and vegetable products. I am also interested in the quantification of bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity of small fruit and fruit products associated with post-harvest storage and processing.


Representative Publications
Deng, Y., Yang, G., Yue, J., Qian, B., Liu, Z., Wang, D., Zhong, Yu and Zhao, Y. 2014.  Influences of ripening stages and extracting solvents on the polyphenolic compounds, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of blueberry leaf extracts, Food Control, In Press.

Deng, Y., Wang, Y., Yue, J., Zhong, Yu and Zhao, Y. 2014. Thermal Behavior, Microstructure and Protein Quality of Squid Fillets Dried by Far-Infrared Assisted Heat Pump Drying. Food Control. 36(1), 102-110.

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Zhang, H., Jin, Y., Deng, Y., Wang, D., and Zhao, Y. 2012. Production of chitin from shrimp shell powders using Serratia marcescens B742 and Lactobacillus plantarum ATCC 8014 successive two-step fermentation. Carbohydrate Res. 362, 13-20. 

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