Mina McDaniel

Dr. Mina McDaniel, Emeritus Professor
Food Science and Technology
Emeritus Professor

B.S. 1967 - Oregon State University, Food Science and Technology
M.S. 1968 - Oregon State University, Food Science
Ph.D. 1974 - University of Massachusetts, Food Science and Nutrition

Professional Activities
Active member of Institute of Food Technologists, American Society for Testing and Materials, American Society of Enology and Viticulture, and American Society of Brewing Chemists, American Chemical Society

Research Interests: 

My research interests are in the area of sensory evaluation of food. This includes study of sensory methodology, statistical analysis of sensory data, as well as utilization of sensory methods to study food quality. Current projects include the study of hop and aroma flavor compounds in beer by descriptive analysis and by Osme, a gas chromatographic-olfactometry technique. The same technique is being used to study Oregon wines produced by varying viticultural or processing methods. Major studies are underway looking at basic perception of acids, understanding of Asian noodle quality, effect of high pressure sterilization on food quality, and flavor studies on lemon oil.


Representative Publications
Stucky, G.J. and M.R. McDaniel. 1997. Raw hop aroma qualities by trained panel free-choice profiling. J. of the Am. Soc. Brewing Chemists. 55(2):65-72.

Theerakulkait, C., D.M. Barrett, and M.R. McDaniel. 1995. Sweet corn germ enzymes involved in off-aroma formation. J. Food Sci. 60. In press.

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Plotto, A., A.N. Azarenko, J.P. Mattheis, and M.R. McDaniel. 1995. Gala, Braeburn and Fuji Applies: Maturity indices and quality after storage. Fruit Var. J. April, 1995.

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Harper, S.J. and M.R. McDaniel. 1993. Carbonated water lexicon: Temperature and CO2 level influence on descriptive ratings. J. Food Sci. 58:893-897.

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