Lisbeth Goddik

Dr. Lisbeth Goddik, Professor and Extension Specialist in Dairy Processing
Food Science and Technology
Professor and Ext. Specialist in Dairy Processing

B.S. Oregon State University, Food Science & Technology
M.S. Cornell University, Food Science
Ph.D. Oregon State University, Food Science & Technology

Professional Activities
Member of Institute of Food Technologists, American Dairy Science Association, Oregon Dairy Industries, Executive Committee member of IFT Dairy Foods Division.

Lisbeth Goddik: OSU Dairy Processing Extension Specialist, is a Professor in Food Science & Technology. She holds two professorships: the Paul & Sandra Arbuthnot Professorship and the ODI-Bodyfelt Professorship. Her program involves teaching, research, and extension.

Research Interests: 

My research program is based on the Dairy Processing Extension Program. It offers the opportunity to provide an in-depth investigation of specific problems encountered by the dairy industry. The program focuses in part on product and process development. Participating graduate students receive training in applied research and are expected to work independently. Our close collaboration with the industry ensures that students are aware of current issues important to dairy processors.


Current and Recent Research Projects

  • Comparison of methods to determine air quality within dairy processing facilities and impact of manufacturing activities on air quality
  • Quality impact of raw milk storage for up to 48 hours at the dairy farm and up to 72 hours at the dairy processing plant
  • Impact of raw milk tanker truck cleaning procedures and frequency on raw milk quality
  • Survey of fluid milk quality of shelf life in Oregon
  • Start up and operating costs associated with artisan cheese production

Extension Program

  • Extension classes - Based on industry requests; typically classes cover cheese making, ice cream production, dairy safety systems such as pre-requisites and HACCP, and more topics
  • On Site Training - Companies can schedule private classes on-site in basic dairy science and safety
  • Trouble shooting - Assistance is provided to dairy processors experiencing specific challenges
  • Oregon Dairy Industries (ODI) support - Organize and execute ODI's annual product evaluation event; Responsible for developing program for annual ODI conference
  • Oregon Cheese Guild (OCG) support - Assist with annual OCG Education Day; Technical advisor to OCG Board

Representative Publications
Bouma, A., Durham, C., Meunier-Goddik, L., 2014.  Start-up and operating costs for artisan cheese companies. J. Dairy Sci. 97: 3964-3972.

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