Floyd Bodyfelt

Dr. Floyd Bodyfelt, Emeritus Professor and Past Extension Dairy Processing Speci
Food Science and Technology
Emeritus Prof., Past Ext. Dairy Processing Spec.

B.S. - 1963 Oregon State University, Dairy Technology
M.S. - 1967 Oregon State University, Food Science

Professional Activities
Previous coordinator, Food Science Extension programs and activities in the Department of Food Science and Technology, Oregon State University. International Food Protection Association; serving as a Food Safety and Quality Systems auditor with the National Sanitation Foundation--Cook and Thurber, Madison, WI on a local, national and international level. Consulting and advisory services on HACCP Program Development and Implementation: Food and dairy products quality and food safety control processes Sensory properties of dairy foods Dairy products formulation, and food microbiology issues from a food safety, shelf life, and manufacturing strategies standpoints.

Research Interests: 

No current research programs; serve on the faculty committee of several graduate students that have dairy foods technology focus.


Representative Publications
BODYFELT, F.W. 1996. Sensory Evaluation. Book Chapter in The Handbook of Dairy Technology. Chapman-Hall, NY, NY. Bishop, R.J. and White, C.H. Editors. 35p. In press.

RANKIN, S.A. and BODYFELT, F.W. 1996. Headspace diacetyl as affected by stabilizers and emulsifiers in a model dairy system. J. Food Science. 61(5):

RANKIN, S.A. and BODYFELT, F.W. 1995. Solvent desorption dynamic headspace method for diacetyl and acetoin in buttermilk. J. Food Sci. 60(6): 1205-1207.

SCANLAN, R.A., BARBOUR, J.F., BODYFELT, F.W. and LIBBEY, L.M. 1994. N-Nitrosadimethylamine in Nonfat Dry Milk. Chapter 3 Symposium series: "Nitrosamines and N-Nitroso compounds: Chemistry and biochemistry." R.N. LOEPPKY AND C.J. Michejda, Editors, American Chemical Society. Washington, D.C., p 34-41 .

MEER, R.R., WOODBURN, M.J. and BODYFELT, F.W. 1993. Identification and characterization of heat-resistant psychrotrophic bacteria in Oregon grade A raw milk. Dairy, Food, and Environmental Sanitation. 13(11):631-637.

BOUZAS, J., KANTT, C.A., BODYFELT, F.W. and TORRES, J.A. 1993. Time-temperature influence on chemical aging indicators for a commercial Cheddar cheese. J. Food Sci. 58(6):1307-1312, 1331 .