Internships and Research

Our students aren't required to complete internships, but many choose to do so. It's a great opportunity to gain work experience—and for some students, it means the excitement of living in another country for a few months!

Our undergraduate students have the opportunity to do research. It's not required, but many students take advantage of the opportunity. Here are some examples of undergraduate research projects:

  • Developed a pilot plant scale process for making Feta cheese. This process is now used in the dairy processing lab class.
  • Created a beer from malting and brewing with gluten-free materials for gluten-sensitive individuals. This project included developing the equipment and processing protocol to malt sorghum, modifying the brewhouse conversion process to accommodate barley-free formulae, and quantifying chemical and physical properties of gluten-free beer.
  • Developed a simple method for dairy processors to determine the quality of whey powder.
  • Examined the relationship of beer acidity and its effect on bitter quality.
  • Developed a beef jerky product preserved with raisins rather than with chemicals. Raisins naturally have an antimicrobial activity, and they also added nutritional value to the jerky, without negatively affecting the flavor.