Graduate Program Learning Outcomes - MS

Graduate Student Daniel Sharp conducting lab experimentMaster of Science (M.S.) Learning Outcomes
Food Science and Technology

Through successful participation in and completion of a Master of Science degree in Food Science and Technology, you will gain an advanced understanding of food science and its relationship to other biological, chemical, and engineering disciplines. You will be sufficiently trained through disciplinary coursework and research experience to provide food science expertise and will have the breadth of knowledge to be able to communicate with professionals from the broad range of specialties involved in food systems applications and research.

M.S. Graduate Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Conduct research or produce some other form of creative work
  2. Demonstrate mastery of subject material through a defense of a written thesis
  3. Conduct scholarly or professional activities in an ethical manner
  4. Develop teaching skill as a Teaching Assistant
  5. Design experiments and complete research projects
  6. Application of critical thinking to food components and complex food systems